Welcome to today’s episode of Managing Around! Imagine a world where every voice, no matter how seemingly contradictory, will be heard. Where the diverse needs, goals, and perspectives within a social work organisation not only coexist but thrive together. This is not a distant utopia. It should be reality in social work institutions. Hybridity and multi-rationality in these organisations help us to understand why and how diverse perspectives and values can coexist, and how we can develop a cohesive strategy for navigating the complex landscape of social work institutions. Today, we dive into how these concepts are revolutionising the way we think about and manage social work, transforming challenges into innovative solutions. So, stay tuned. We start with an exploration of the two concepts and then move on to practical implications for professional practice.


Arnold, M. (2020). Multirationalität und Hybridität. In M. Arnold (Ed.), Grundlagen des Sozialmanagement: Ein Open Educational Textbook. Fachhochschule Dresden. https://profmanagement.pubpub.org/pub/einfuehrung#multirationalitt-und-hybriditt 

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