In my latest introductory management course, I talked with my students about the Adaptive Leadership Model. While drawing conclusions from a case study “Redskins No More” by Peter Northouse, we ended up in a discussion of a different kind of leadership. In these turbulent times, so was the thesis, there is no need for strong leaders that could solve virtually every problem. In the face of the many challenges ahead, leadership should not be understood as a function or position but as an activity that involves all key stakeholders associated with the problem. This is exactly what the Adaptive Leadership Model wants to tell us: to bring about a paradigm shift in the thinking of leadership. With other words, leadership does not mean to rule over the people but to get them mobilised solving together today’s challenges in organisations and society. In this episode, we want to get a little to the bottom of the matter. We start today with a short introduction to the model of Adaptive Leadership, before moving on to the question of what differentiates a so-called technical from an adaptive challenge.

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