In this episode, we’ll explore the current challenges in management education in the social sciences, both in Brazil and Germany. In this episode, we explore the complex world of teaching and learning by looking at the problems that higher education institutions face as they try to teach knowledge and train future managers. Through a comparative lens, we will look at the different problems that Brazilian and German universities face and show how they are coming up with creative solutions. My colleagues from Brazil, Renata Vidart Klafke, Claudia Tania Picinin, and I recently published this research. – Join us to discover this important and timely topic and discover what the future of management education in the social sciences holds in those countries. We’ll start with the Brazilian case and then move on to the situation in Germany before concluding with some observations and implications.

Klafke, R. V., Picinin, C. T., & Arnold, M. (2023). Teaching and Learning Challenges in Management Education in Brazilian and German Higher Education Institutions: Implications for Social Work Management Education. In M. Arnold (Ed.), Handbook of Applied Teaching and Learning in Social Work Management Education (pp. 361–375). Cham: Springer International Publishing.

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