Episode 28: Digitisation in Social Work and Education Organisations

In today's episode, I will start with a short introduction to digitisation in social work and educational institutions before we move on to the development of digital literacy skills and the exploration of the strategic mindset "digital leadership".Read more

Episode 27: Social Work Management in the Uncertain

In today's episode, we will explore the social economy and have a deeper look at social enterprises that provide individual social services for the people in need of care. In particular, care workers have to deal constructively with uncertainty and insecurity, ambivalence and ambiguity.Read more

Episode 26: The Perfect Harmony between Ears – Podcasts in Higher Education

In this episode, we’ll be looking at how this specific medium of communication can be used more effectively by students and teachers alike. Meanwhile, we introduce a new open educational resource  to be published in a few days— the Classic Management Murder Podcast Series which is an interactive format to acquiring new knowledge about the main ideas of the classical management schools.Read more


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