Inclusivity and accessibility are one of the most important trends in contemporary tourism
industry, in relation to other trends such as sustainability, digitalisation, or even luxury expedition voyages. Tourism providers should give proper attention to customers with specific needs and must be open to all kinds of potential access requirements. In this context, accessible services will become a critical factor in the tourism industry. Moreover, tourism managers and respective frontline staff need to better understand the specific requirements and accessibility issues of all kinds of customers to provide specific services to all target groups. Our project team at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden, which consists of colleagues from the Business as well as the Applied Social Science department, currently targets these issues as institutional partners of the Erasmus+ Project IN-TOUR. In this project, we develop two types of curricula that will offer quality education and training for accessible tourism. In this episode of Managing Around, I will first introduce you to the project IN-TOUR and share how we developed different courses that will commence next month and should help students of tourism and event management to plan for more inclusive offers and services.

Arnold, M., Richter, M., & Müller, J. (2022). Development of Curricula for Inclusive and Accessible Tourism: Experiences from the Erasmus+ Project In-Tour. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, 8(1), 96-106.

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