The internet has been disrupting the education sector since its advent and continues to do so. From The Open University to Massive Online Open Courses (known affectionately as MOOCs) and now Open Educational Resources, the world wide web has been empowering teachers and students alike for many years. In the midst of a global pandemic, the teaching profession has had to adapt, shifting near-seamlessly to “Remote Teaching” and/or “Hybrid Teaching”. Educators had to and still have to learn the lessons such as how to build a community in the virtual classroom and how to create new teaching material that meets student’s learning needs. By and large, Open Educational Resources (OER) are another useful tool in the armoury of teachers and students alike.

In this episode, I will make you familiar with this relatively new type of teaching resources. We will start with the question of what OER are, how useful they are and why you should create your own. Last, but not least, we will get you started creating your first OER.

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