Since the 1990s, change management has received considerable attention as the new paradigm for the management of organisational transformations as well as behavioural and motivational changes within both for-profit and non-profit organisations. A lot has been discussed about it in sciences and professional practice. As a result, change management has only recently been included in many bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in social work and pedagogics, either as additional courses or as an area of specialisation. However, change management and its application to social work organisations has not been thoroughly considered yet in the development of managerial and social competences.

And in this episode, we will get a bit deeper into this matter. First of all, I will start with a short description of what organisations are and will then move on to the main topic which is Change Management in Social Work Organisations. Finally, I will introduce you to the new concept: The Five C’s of Leadership in Organisational Change.

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