In this episode, we will discuss the topic of “Five theses for the further development of SoTL in higher education teaching”. SoTL stands for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and it is a movement that aims to enhance the quality and impact of teaching and learning in higher education. And this is done through research and evidence-based practices. Based on a recently published article by the host of this podcast and his colleagues from the German-speaking SoTL-Netzwork (Nerea Vöing and Sabine Reisas), I will present and explain the five theses that can support a more robust integration, promotion and sustainable development of SoTL in higher education teaching and even beyond. These theses are based on the research-oriented approach of SoTL and have an impulsive character. The theses address different perspectives: quality development (1), transdisciplinary collaboration (2), internationalisation (3), inter-institutional cooperation (4) and networking and community building (5).


Arnold, M., Vöing, N., & Reisas, S. (2023). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) als Motor für eine inter- und transdisziplinäre Hochschuldidaktik. In R. Rhein & J. Wildt (Eds.), Hochschuldidaktik als Wissenschaft: Disziplinäre, interdisziplinäre und transdisziplinäre Perspektiven (Vol. 5, pp. 393-409). transcript.

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