Today, we will delve into the concept of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, or for short SoTL, and how it can lead to the development and improvement of teaching in higher education. This concept, pioneered by Ernest L. Boyer, emphasizes the importance of treating teaching as a scholarly activity subject to systematic inquiry, reflection, and improvement. Our discussion is based on an article from the website, which provides an excellent overview of this fascinating approach. We will follow four questions to get a bit more familiar with this concept: What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?, What steps are to be taken in the research process, and what principles are to be followed?, What are the requirements for doing SoTL?, What Benefits do scholars have from engaging in SoTL?


Arnold, M., Vöing, N., & Reisas, S. (2023, 17 May). Lehrentwicklung durch Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – mit SoTL Hochschullehre beforschen, weiterentwickeln und teilen. [Blogpost].

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